February 7 famous birthdays in India Indian celebrity stars

In this post -- Famous Birthdays February 7 Bollywood Actor Actress Cricket Politics, check who are sharing your birthday in India 7 February's famous birthday personality in India like Bollywood actor, actress, cricketer, politician and all famous Indian celebrity.
February 7 famous birthdays in India

Ankita Sharma

Ankita Sharma is a Indian television actress, born on 7 February 1989. She is recognized for playing the lead female character, Saachi Jaiswal, in Sony TV's serial Baat Hamari Pakki Hai. Ankita Sharma, from Delhi born the 7th February 1989, migrated to Mumbai in early 2010 for Sagar Pictures' movie titled Alah Udhal, at the time on the verge of release.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1989
  • Birth Place: Delhi, India
  • Career: Actress

Sujit Kumar

Sujit Kumar (7 February 1934 – 5 February 2010), born near a village in Varanasi, was an Indian film actor and producer. He appeared in over 150 Hindi films in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and 25 films in Bhojpuri. From the late 90s, he latterly concentrated more on production. Kumar was the first superstar of Bhojpuri cinema.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1934
  • Birth Place: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Death Date: 05-Feb-2010
  • Career: Actor, Film Producer
  • Citizenship: India

Ashok Banker

Ashok Kumar Banker (born 7 February 1964 in Mumbai, India) is an author and former journalist of mixed-race parentage. His writing spans crime thrillers, essays, literary criticism, fiction and mythological retellings. The author of several well-received novels including a trilogy billed as "India's first crime novels in English", he became widely known for his retellings of Indian mythologies.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1964
  • Birth Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Career: Novelist, Journalist, Screenwriter, Writer, Author
  • Citizenship: India

Jasbir Jassi

Jasbir Jassi (born February 7, 1970 in Dalla Mirjanpur Village, Gurdaspur, Punjab, India) is a Punjabi singer and actor. As of 2010 he has released eight albums, his first pop album being Dil Le Gayee, released in 1998. As a child, Jassi played the harmonium. He quit engineering to study classical music under V.S. Jolly and later under Puran Shah Koti of the Sufiana fame.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1970
  • Birth Place: Gurdaspur, Punjab, India
  • Career: Singer
  • Citizenship: India

Devaneya Pavanar

Devaneya Pavanar  (also known as G. Devaneyan, Ñanamuttan Tevaneyan; lived 1902–1981), was a prominent Indian Tamil author who wrote over 35 books. Additionally, he was a staunch proponent of the "Pure Tamil movement" and initiated the Etymological Dictionary Project primarily to bring out the roots of Tamil words and their connections.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1902
  • Birth Place: Tamil Nadu, India
  • Death Date: 15-Jan-1981
  • Career: Writer, Etymologist
  • Citizenship: India

K. V. Simon

Kunnampurathu Varghese Simon (February 7, 1883 – 1944) was a notable Malayalam Christian poet. He was also a musician, a teacher, a reformer, a writer, a profound Bible scholar and apologist. Simon was the author of around 300 devotional songs or poems. He has also written about 30 books. K. V. Simon was given the title Mahakavi (Dean of Poets) by the Sahitya Parishad (Academy of Literature).
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1883
  • Birth Place: Kerala, India
  • Citizenship: India

Benode Behari Mukherjee

Binod Behari Mukherjee (7 February 1904 – 11 November 1980) was an Indian artist from West Bengal state. Mukherjee was one of the pioneers of Indian modern art, as a painter and as a celebrated muralist. He was one of the earliest artists in modern India to take up mural as a mode of artistic expression, and his murals display a subtle understanding of environments.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1904
  • Birth Place: West Bengal, India
  • Death Date: 11-Nov-1980
  • Citizenship: India

G. S. Shivarudrappa

Dr. G.S. Shivarudrappa (born February 7, 1926) is a Kannada poet, writer and researcher who was awarded the title of Rashtrakavi by the Government of Karnataka on November 1, 2006. G.S. Shivarudrappa was born in Shikaripura, in Shivamogga district of Karnataka. His father was a school teacher. He did his primary and secondary schooling in Shikaripura.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1926
  • Birth Place: Shikaripura, Karnataka, India
  • Death Date: 23-Dec-2013
  • Career: Writer, Professor
  • Citizenship: India

Manmath Nath Gupta

Manmath Nath Gupta (7 Feb 1908 – 26 Oct 2000) was an Indian revolutionary writer and author of autobiographical, historical and fictional books in Hindi, English and Bengali. He joined the Indian independence movement at the age of 13, and was an active member of the Hindustan Republican Association. He participated in the famous Kakori train robbery in 1925.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1908
  • Birth Place: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Career: Writer

S. Ramachandran Pillai

S. Ramachandran Pillai (born February 7, 1938) is a communist politician from Kerala, India, Politburo member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and General Secretary of All India Kisan Sabha (Peasants Union). He has been imprisoned on many occasions, such as during the Emergency 1975-1976. SRP hails from Alappuzha. He has completed BA and LLB from SD College.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1938
  • Birth Place: Alappuzha, Kerala, India
  • Career: Politician

C. V. Sreeraman

C. V. Sreeraman (February 7, 1933 - October 11, 2007) was a gifted Short Story writer and novelist in Malayalam. He was the Vice-Chairman of Kerala Sahitya Akademi. C.V. Sreeraman’s stories stand foremost core to the theme, as exemplified by his Anayasena Maranam (Dying an Easy Death), Railway Palangal (The Rails). He has won the prestigious Kendra Sahitya Academy Award in 1999 for his collections
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1931
  • Death Date: 10-Oct-2007
  • Career: Writer
  • Citizenship: India

Maitreesh Ghatak

Maitreesh Ghatak (born February 7, 1968) is a Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics. He is an applied microeconomic theorist with research interests in economic development, public economics, and the economics of organizations. His research interests include microfinance, property rights, occupational choice, collective action, and the economics of NGOs and non-profits.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1968
  • Citizenship: India

Sumir Karayi

Sumir Karayi (February 7, 1970), is the CEO of 1E, a company he founded in 1997. Sumir has since been at the forefront of the Green IT movement, pioneering PC power management and establishing a market-leading role. Sumir's primary goal is to drive down the cost of IT for large organizations by identifying and eliminating waste and create efficiencies in IT. Sumir is a member of the International.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1970
  • Birth Place: Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India
  • Career: Entrepreneur

Bidhayak Bhattacharya

Bidhayak Bhattacharya (7 February 1907 – 15 November 1986) was an Indian playwright, litterateur and journalist. He was born on 7 February 1907 at Ziaganj in Murshidabad, West Bengal. His birth name was Bagalaranjan, he was better known as 'Bidhayak', a name given him by Rabindranath Tagore. His pen-names were 'Yashodhar Misra' and 'Manas Das'.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1907
  • Birth Place: Jiaganj Azimganj, West Bengal, India
  • Death Date: 15-Nov-1986
  • Career: Journalist
  • Citizenship: India

Sheila Kaul

Sheila Kaul (born February 7, 1915) is a social democratic leader of the Indian National Congress and a former union cabinet minister and provincial Governor in India. She was also an educationist, social worker, and social reformer in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, and an independence activist in British India. She is Jawaharlal Nehru's sister-in-law and Indira Gandhi's maternal aunt.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1915
  • Career: Politician
  • Citizenship: India

Jackson Thompson

Jackson Thompson (born February 7, 1986) is an Indian born cricketer who has represented Oman at under 17 level. He is a left-handed batsman and a right-arm offbreak bowler who currently plays for Unicorns, have previously played a handful of games for Gloucestershire. Thompson was born in Maharashtra. Thompson made his first-class debut for the team in a County Championship match against Middlesex
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1986
  • Birth Place: Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Prabodh Panda

Prabodh Panda (born 7 February 1946) is an Indian politician. He is a leader of the Communist Party of India. He was elected to the 13th Lok Sabha from Midnapore constituency in West Bengal in a by-election held on 10 May 2001. He was re-elected to the Lok Sabha in 2004 and 2009 from the same constituency. Panda was born in a Utkal (Oriya) Brahmin family.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1946
  • Birth Place: Midnapore, West Bengal, India
  • Career: Politician

Veturi Prabhakara Sastri

Veturi Prabhakara Sastri (b: February 7, 1888 - d: 1950) was a Pundit (expert) in both Sanskrit and Telugu languages. As a publisher and writer, he introduced to Telugu people several ancient texts, in association with Manavalli Ramakrishna from prachya likhita pustaka bhandagaram (library of ancient scripts). He discovered the copper scripts of Annamayya's poetry and introduced them to Telugu people
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1888
  • Birth Place: Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh
  • Career: Writer
  • Citizenship: India

Kovvuri Gangireddy

Kovvuri Gangi Reddy (7 February 1926–12 November 2004) was a politician and business man of India. He was born at a village called Aravalli in the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. He dedicated himself to the development of the Telugu Desam Party, Visakhapatnam Port, and the people's welfare. He achieved many accomplishments in his life. He served as the Chairperson of V.U.D.A.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1926
  • Birth Place: Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Death Date: 12-Nov-2004
  • Citizenship: India

George Kuruvilla

George Kuruvilla (born February 07, 1983 in Kuwait) is an Independent Indian actor and comedian. He acted in his first independent feature film titled Here ,2009 and was screened in Singapore at Cathay Organisation directed by Tzu Nyen Ho. The film was selected for screening at the 41st Directors Fortnight section at the Cannes Film Festival and was also nominated for Golden Kinnaree Award in 2009.
  • Birth Date: 07-Feb-1983
  • Citizenship: India